How to Deal with Someone with Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline personality disorder is characterized by a pattern of instability within personal relationships and the condition is sometimes referred to as Emotionally Unstable Disorder. Living with borderline personality disorder is not easy due to the range of different symptoms exhibited by a person suffering from the condition, but knowing how to deal with someone with borderline personality disorder can help to ensure that the relationship you have with them has at least some chance of surviving relatively intact.

The best way for you to understand how to deal with someone with borderline personality disorder is to fully educate yourself on the symptoms of the condition and what kind of effect such symptoms are likely to have on the sufferer and his or her family and friends.

What are the symptoms of borderline personality disorder and what is the best way to deal with them?

Patients diagnosed with borderline personality disorder will suffer from violent mood swings cycling between intense idealization and devaluation. One minute they will place their loved one on a pedestal and that person can do not wrong; the next they will accuse the person of being uncaring, unfeeling, and not doing enough to help. Such transient emotions can be extremely wearing on any caregiver, family member or friend, and this is one of the reasons why any kind of relationship with a BPD person can be traumatic.

Many patients suffering from borderline personality disorder have an intense fear of abandonment and will do almost anything to avoid being separated from somebody they care about. If an unexpected separation occurs, the patient can react with irrational displays of anger followed by intense depressions due to feelings of rejection.

One of the main symptoms of borderline personality disorder is a poor self-image and a tendency towards self-harming and suicidal tendencies. Patients often cycle between periods of black depression and exuberant optimism with no real pattern to their behavior. When the patient feels abandoned, they might threaten or actually attempt suicide, which makes it imperative that those caring for such a person learn how to deal with the negative behavior patterns exhibited by borderline patients.

Impulsive behavior is fairly typical for patients suffering from borderline personality disorder. People with the condition often change jobs, careers, friends or sexual preferences very impulsively and without giving much through to the consequences of such actions. They also have a tendency towards self-destructive behavioral patterns such as binge eating, alcohol and drug abuse, potentially risky sexual practices, gambling, and other impulsive behaviors.

How to deal with someone with borderline personality disorder?

It is very important to recognize that patients with the condition are often very manipulative, particularly when they feel their needs are not being met. So when relatives and friends are not on hand providing help and assistance, the person with BPD will become more emotionally unstable and their behavior will escalate. Borderline personality disorder is a life sentence, but it is an eminently treatable condition and with the right therapies, the patient will enjoy a big reduction in their symptoms.

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  1. Shanghai says:

    Dear Mr. Alexander Burgemeester:

    I husband very likely has BPD, and he really abuse me verbally which makes me blind when he use abusive non-logical double standard hostile controlling fallacy. the only sypthom he has not had is Physical abuse.

    I am saying for real that when he dump his abusive abusive non-logical double standard hostile controlling fallacy toward me, I become blind physically, though I still can think, but I could not see even in the day, and such blindness will last 5-20 minutes or till I can be away from his him for a while.

    I love him but I am afraid of being around him.

    I wanted to divorce him for the mental healthy of my own and my 3 babies I have with him.

    But after reading some articles about BPD, who would be love someone or be loved by someone just as all other normal people.
    Thus, I tend to stay in marriage, learn how to deal with BPD people, show my babies how to handle tough situation created by BPD people, just in case they might fall in love with BPD people when they grow older.

    Therefor, I will be very appreciate that you can give me tips of how to deal with BPD people.

    Thanks and Regards

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