Narcissistic Husband Traits

Living with a narcissistic man can turn any relationship into a total nightmare. Instead of having a partner who is capable of giving you emotional support when things go wrong in your life, you are always going to be treading on eggshells while they throw more tantrums than Elton John. So if this sounds like the relationship from Hell, what are the tell-tale narcissistic husband traits you should look out for before tying the knot?

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First and foremost, there are different degrees of narcissism. A small tendency towards narcissism is relatively healthy—placing some importance on self means that you are unlikely to act as a doormat to those around you. But a high degree of narcissism can lead to a very dysfunctional relationship.

Narcissists can be very intense in the early stages of a relationship. They bombard you with love and attention and place you on a pedestal, literally sweeping you off your feet. But unfortunately this person is very often not what they appear to be and before long their true colours begin to shine.

If you are married to a narcissistic man, you are going to have to accept the fact that a narcissistic husband will never love you more than he loves himself. Any person with narcissistic tendencies is incredibly selfish to the point where they genuinely believe that the rest of the world revolves around them. Consequently, one of the main narcissistic husband traits is an intense preoccupation and absorption with self. They are not interested in your life because they are far too busy focusing on their own needs, preferences, and potential pathways to success.

Narcissistic husbands are very often extremely controlling and manipulative. They will try to isolate you from your friends and family so that you are more dependent on them. Withholding affection and attention is one way to control you, but they can also be verbally cruel and take pleasure from provoking you with hurtful words because they find it entertaining. Many narcissistic husbands are prone to ranges and tantrums, rather like a toddler. It is a form of attention seeking, and just like a spoiled child, any attention is good, even if it involves making you cry.

A refusal to accept responsibility is a classic trait of a narcissistic husband. No matter what goes wrong, it will never be their fault. They will be quick to blame you for their failures, even when the finger of blame is pointing squarely at them.

Many narcissistic husbands are also pathological liars. They will try and manipulate you with a complex web of lies and half truths. Their highly selective memory will filter out the truth and they will probably accuse you of being at fault. Narcissistic men will lie about everything in an attempt to justify their behavior, but if you dare to question their version of the truth, they will probably lash out in anger or come up with an even more absurd lie to explain away the inconsistencies in their story.

Other traits of a narcissistic husband include a tendency towards addictive behavior, infidelity, violence and cruelty.

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  1. jacqueline lind says:

    I can’t believe I am soooooooooooooooo overjoyed to find out my ex was a Narcacisst. It explains everything that was so phycotic in my marriage. it’s such a revelation, that it has freed me from my COMPLETE CONFUSION. I always thought he was Bi-Polar (you know the extreme highs and lows of anger) then I watched a show on Date Line about a Narcasisst. I thought I wonder what a Narcassist is…. I looked it up and obsesivly read as many sites as possible. He wasn’t a few characteristics, he was all of them and on every site I read. I feel for any woman I see with him. I know I can’t intervene and I have to let people learn their own lessons. Wow what a lesson (O my god) your right its impossible to explain to anyone. I wish my friends that I have seperated myself from (because he stayed with that crowd) could understand what I went thru,I felt like I was going thru a silent nervous break down every day of my life.I want him to show his colours, so they get it. I have seperated myself because I knew (way before I found out he was a Narcassist) I needed to stay away from him because at any opportunity he would chew me up, spit me out and still to this day cause me grief. I can never be around him. I did learn on your sites to ignore him if we end up in the same place. There is no beating him , it’s albout me and making myself safe. He doesn’t get it anyway. I’d like to talk more with others about this. I have healing to accomplish and everything I read from experts and victims make me stronger and I WILL BE THERE FOR OTHERS AS I NOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR. J

    • GLORIAHOWARD says:

      omg this web site is sooooo true i have been married to a man who has all the symptoms of a narsissict personality disorder for 6 years i have never been soooo drained in a realationship so many lies deception sneaking around i found out he has a website that he looking for a realationship i confronted him about this and as usual he lied and said someone must be setting him up he is very evil he does mean things he has never apologize for any wrong that he’s done in the 6 year relationship he gives me the silent treatment for days if i confront him about his actions there is no getting threw to him i also found him dating on line to other females i read all the messages these girls were sending to him it just was devastating and sooo painful this was one of the worst pain i ever felt in life i cried for days i have been soooo depressed could eat for days i also was having anxiety attacks i felt like i was going crazy i just couldnt take it any more so i moved out while he was at work i am much happier now

      • lyn says:

        hi gloria.just read yr comment.i also had a 6 year relationship.i was slowly falling apart.questioning myself all the time.i was given the silent treatment for weeks on end.if i confroted him i would end up on the other side of the room.and then he would proceed to tell me how it was my fault.i als had anxiety the point i could not drive myself to work or go to a supermarket..i was a woman who raised a child on her own.bought her own home.i am 51 yrs old trying to get my life back to normal but still do not understand how i fell for him.raising my daughter on my own was easier then the 6 yrs i spent with him. Lyn

  2. KIM says:

    For 6 years, I have lived in hell. I tried to be the perfect wife. I catered to his every need, I feed his ego, worked overtime, cleaned and tried to keep myself “inshape” for him. While I was doing extra hours to keep us afloat, he was was watching baseball with his brother. When I came in, he ask what was for dinner and joked about me looking so “tired”. When I tired to tell him about my day, he stared and said,”I don’t understand your job and don’t want to hear about it.” The first words out of his mouth were ,”When do I get my ____job?” He called me selfish and said I was “no good” and I should be “thankful” for him. I ask him to please get a part time job, but he said he could make more money just doing his computer internet sales, on his own hours,,,going in at 10am or later, depending on what time the games were over the previous nite….. Now he is taking a new job in California….from Virginia…I can not go because I have a son here who has to finish high school and he is leaving 2 sons as well, but he says their mom can take care of them just fine… He says he is looking forward to his new “freedom”.
    I am looking forward to my new divorce…

    • CAROLYN says:

      Dear Kim,

      You remind me of myself and my life many years ago. I was married and we had 2 small sons. I worked hard to do everything all 4 of us needed… and to perfection. I was the perfect wife, mother, housekeeper, nurse, social organizer, cook, and maid. My husband never gave me credit for anything, nor a compliment, and I did a great job. I was so devoted.

      I was never happy, and he didn’t care. I tried everything to get his attention or just to talk or listen to me. Nothing.
      I went to 2 churches, 2 marriage counselors, his family, and even the police (he was rageful and voilent at times), but no one would do anything with him. I had to do it. For years I told him I would leave, if I had a place to go or if I had the money to go. He would laugh (and didn’t belive it).

      Well, I finally did leave, and it was scary. But the kids’ and my lives were miserable. I had to do it. And it wasn’t easy surviving financially because I had no job for a while. But eventually I did.

      What I want you to know is that life got so much better, without his abuse! The kids were happier, and I was too.

      Fighting him in court was horrible. I was young and not wise to the outside world, especially the legal world.

      My wish for you is first to remember that you are good person being ABUSED by him. This is not normal behavior and should not be tolerated by anyone.

      Stop worrying about his needs. Start putting your needs first. Take care of yourself! Maybe contact a women’s domestic violence shelter to find out what services they have for you. Make a “plan”. Save money. Make a list or copies of all of your joint finances, insurances, important documents, etc. (Get all your “ducks in a row” before you leave. Get a consult with a lawyer (its usually free) to find out your legal rights.

      In a nutshell, start looking out for you. He won’t, and you will need to from here on out. You can do it! You will find that people treat you with so much more respect that he does. He is intimidating you. You need to gather information (and keep everything to yourself). He is the “enemy” now, and you need to protect yourself and your kids.

      Good luck to you, Kim.

    • Looking For Paradise says:

      Congratulations Kim, at least he is leaving on his own. I have been married to an N for 14 years and I just recently found out that what narcissism is. Prior to having married this man, I lived in a very disfunctional and abusive enviroment with my mother, so I can tell you that I have spent 99.9% of my life in abusive relationships. I really married my husband for love but that quickly turned around. There is nothing that I can do to get him to leave. Just like your husband, he doesn’t work, he quit his job without even speaking to me about it. He forced me to work 9 years in an extremely horrible place and wouldn’t let me switch jobs. He is very cruel, he has taken everything that brings joy to my life including my independence. I can barely go to the bathroom by myself. I dont know if your N is controlling. So I can honestly tell you that I wish you the best and i really think that your life will only get better now that he is out of it. My N talks about wanting freedom too, according to him I am horrible but he wont leave. I would really give all I have for him to find another woman and leave! I really hope you run and hide from him so if he tries to come back he cant. You and your kids will be much better without him.

    • Janie says:

      Dear Kim,

      Today is the first time I read about narcissistic husband and I can not express how thankful I am to learned about this sickness. I’ve been married to this man who has made my life hell. I could not understand what had happen to “him’ “us” or “me” that our relationship had changed very much. When I began dating my husband my life was beautiful, full of happiness he had done so many things that no one had ever done for me. He swept me off my fee… tooked me to many places, bought me the most beautiful items, treated me like a queen, I mean it was so beautiful that I remember telling him “please never change” . My girlfrieds and family would always tell me how jelouse they were of me and how lucky I was for having a man like him in my life’ but then reality happen. They after our wedding the first thing out of his lips was ‘when we get back your payroll needs to come to me” and many other things he had said that I couldn’t believe it… it was like the man I’ve been sleeping with had turn into a stranger. The days turn into weeks, weeks into months and then years and my life had just gotten worst. Its been 8 years now and I am just learning about this horrible sickness.. I had always questioned myself, what happen to us? what DID I did wrong? How can I change this to better? and in between the number one question why???? Many times I tried asking him for us to do counseling but he tells me that “I’m the one with the problem” or that I need to fix my issues first” according to him he doesn’t need it.. or that “I’m stupid’ ‘I’m an ignorant woman’ and many more negative nasty words he has said that had brought my self-esteem to the floor. I’m afraid and want to get out of this relationship but it is so difulcult to do so. One day I’m a strong woman the next day I’m this woman who has no controll over herself.. and it hurts me very much.. I’ve tried to be the perfect wife.. but nothing that I do seems to be right for him. It’s so hard to get through my mind that my marriage is over! I know I need to walk out but can someone tell me what and how do I do this?
      All this time I lived a life telling myself how everything has been my fault.. and today I learned that it is not me is HE who has problems…

      Please someone explain to me what are the steps I need to take for the best of myself and my children.

  3. RedClover says:

    I grew up the only child of a narcissistic mother. I ran away, joined the military and ran straight into my first husband. He swept me off my feet, I thought he loved me more then anything in the world. I married him 4 months after meeting him. It didn’t take long for his true self to emerge, but being so insecure and fearful of abandonment (gee, thanks mommy), I put up with his abuse and actually begged him to stay when he threatened to leave me. After 17 years I was totally beaten down emotionally and he did me the best favor he ever could have, he left me for good. I managed to pick up the pieces of my life and start over. 5 years later and I still have extreme self esteem issues that I go to a therapist for, but I’m so much better then I was with those two people in my life. It’s amazing how damaging their abuse is, and yet no one on the outside can see it, they think the narcissist is a great guy, a fun and outgoing person, and why is his wife always so morose looking? There should be a home where they lock narcissists up together and let them eat away at each other instead of infest the rest of us.

    • Debbie says:

      I got a laugh at your last line, there should be a home where they lock all narcissists up and let them eat away at each other! That’s really a great idea! It would be extremely entertaining to watch them deal with each other, each trying to be the center of the world.

      I’m sorry for your pain, both with your mother and your husband. He actually did you a favor when he left, although it must have been very painful. Now someone else gets to put up with him.

      Best wishes as you recover and build your self-esteem.

    • Shocked and hurt says:

      Redclover, I loved reading your post.. your last line is so freaking hilarious. If only we could do it!! I recently broke up with a bf – it was the last straw. He actually blamed me for something he did and refused to believe he could do wrong. Then he got physical. Then justified his behavior of course so I am the wacky nut job. It’s hard dealing with any break-up especially when there were some really good moments. But his bad moments were terrorizing so I know life with him is not for me. Thank you everyone for the posts..

    • sad lady says:

      lol my mom a narcissist n my husband too, each day i am shattering its been two years of my marriage n before that my mommy was there to crush me. am in a painful situation .live in a society where divorce is a great shame .just want to run away. he is making me sick each day n besides he has another trait of proving that i am shameless n once even he made a story of me having an affair with some college guy because i just once said infront of him that i dont like the guy, he accused me that i still have contact with ,when i confronted him he was with no answer n just said that one of his ex said something bad about my character, plus he is disrespectful, dosent care about my needs, n when he has to show off he will buy food stuffs n take me to my moms place, never takes me to docter, when i cry too much then he just takes me out which is also full of insults. otherwise i am locked up in the house. am professionally qualified n seems i am just illetrate. i was a brillent student n couldnt study n get good grades because of my mom n now because of this miserable life.n also living with a harsh mother in law, its a pethatic situation. ppl dont support me, dont know where to run or what will happen other wise to my life. wish i could die. all u ladies who r over their abbusive hubands r the luckiest of all. please pray for me anyone who reads the article.
      love u all

  4. Debbie says:

    I was married to a narcissistic husband for 27 years and finally got out. There was nothing I could do or say to make him different, and any amount of therapy wouldn’t help much either, because the narcissist person lives in a bubble, (the ME bubble) and isn’t able to step out of that bubble long enough to see that there’s a bubble. The world revolves around them, and everyone in their life is there to meet their needs. My husband’s mother was a narcissist, so I’m wondering if it’s an inherited trait or if he learned it from her. The saddest thing to me was to watch my kids grow up with a narcissistic father whose needs and wants were always ahead of their own…missing their school programs because he wanted to go fishing is just one example.

    My husband was sexually abusive, and I have started a blog on the topic: I’m also writing an eBook about sexual abuse in marriage, hopefully ready at the end of the year. I would love to hear more from those of you whose narcissistic husbands were also sexually abusive.

    Stay strong, hold on to your “self”, no matter what he does or says. And although I’m not an advocate for divorce, it was the right thing after 27 years. I might have left sooner if I had realized what I was dealing with early on. I was young and didn’t know the signs.

    Best wishes to you all!

    • Shery says:

      Hi Debbie,

      I am in the process of divorcing my Narcissistic husband. You asked for comments about sexual abuse. There was no passion involved with having sex with him. For him it was get right to it and get it over with. No kissing or showing love, he never said “I love you” and usually the cold shoulder afterward. That certainly is a form of sexual abuse but it wasn’t violence. Do you suppose that is normal with these types of men?

  5. Reinette says:

    First, I am so sorry that so many girls get cought by these Narcs. I have been wondering, I have been married to one for 13 years,like everybody knows the word HELL is quite applicable. Something that really bothered me was the tyoingpe of relationship my ex-Narc. had with his brother and his mother. It always seemed so unnatural, too close, weird. The things and hurt we went through was terrable and for the girls who is at this moment going thru all that, thoughts and prayers are with you!!

    This is a global thing – I just wonder what happened to these “PEOPLE” There is definately something inside of them that knows how to give love / or show love but only just for a wile. Can’t these men get sent to instiutions just so that they can be out of reach of woman & children. After so many years with a Narc. that was very badly behaved, my health started to give. He had NO
    empathy what so ever. According to him I was just sitting. It wasn’t the case, I was to scared to sit for 5min in a day because everthing had to be perfect. I had Parkinson’s disease for 6 years before I told him, he didn’t take it well at all – but funny enough I couldn’t take his persona anymore. Please girls, don’t stay to long – we are not made to be door-mats. Be carefull and take care!!

  6. Sparky6466 says:

    Reading your stories and this article makes me shake my head and think of how stupid I’ve been. I was raised in an abusive home with a controlling Jehovah Witness mother. I got out, married someone I thought would be my partner for life but after being married for 25 years, having 4 children (12-18) and trying desperately to have or maintain some degree of independence, I’m getting out. I knew things weren’t right for a long time but hung in there “for the kids”. I, as well as my children, have been berated, lied to, manipulated, disrespected….everything….EVERYTHING that the websites describe as being a narcissist. For way too long, I have been emotionally abused, led to believe every problem we had was my fault, never receiving an apology for his mistakes. Instead, I’ve always been told it’s me or “us”. He never took personal responsibility for anything. Someone stated they can’t even use the bathroom alone….yep, that’s me. He will barge into the bathroom regardless of what I’m doing. I have no privacy at all and if I lock the door, I’m accused of being “hostile” and he gets a screwdriver to let himself in. Like someone else said….I did my best to the be ultimate perfect mother….house always clean, dinner on the table at the right time, the right kind of meals he requested, etc. but it was never good enough. My kids would see his behavior and I’d joke that if I make him happy, I’d get my gold star. I made light of it so that it wouldn’t affect them, but it has. My kids are all good kids….honor students, athletic, very involved in school activities, etc. yet he will berate them, call them liars, cut them down, etc. It’s not been a secret that I’ve been unhappy for many years, yet when I filed for divorce, I’m being told that I never tried. He has now resorted to telling the kids I have mental problems, telling the neighbors the same and working at turning people against me. I feel stupid for enabling his behavior and going along with him all these years to keep the peace. My kids even told me I needed to “do something and divorce him”. Typical mother guilt….I feel responsible for subjecting them to a dysfunctional home. I’ve “covered” for his behavior, rationalized, explained, spun….you name it….but it’s exhausting for me mentally and I cannot continue. I’ve not been “allowed” to work, I was to be the stay at home mother and be home when he walks through the door after work. He won’t enlist the kids to help me with chores, instead he will suggest that he take them out so I can clean while they’re gone. Like others, I made a plan….started a business, saved every penny from garage sales, gift money, etc. and when I achieved my goal of $20K, I got a lawyer. I’m in the middle of Hell right now and I keep reading how it’s for the best for everyone involved, but it’s hard to feel that way at the moment. We both came from dysfunctional homes, said we’d give our children the life we never had (and in some ways I have)…and after all the years of feeling used, I’m done. My heart goes out to anyone who has lived like this. It’s demeaning, controlling and abusive. I’m 46 and about to start over, but I know I can do it. For anyone who has doubts….I will say this….if you want something bad enough, you’ll do anything to get it. Live the life you were meant to live and let nothing hold you back. Thanks for letting me vent….it’s an emotional morning for me and reading your posts made me feel good. Thank you….

    • Hellen says:

      I am 39, the kids are 7 and 4, You are right ahead of me. that’s what I said to myself. im staying for the kids. I am not sure that it is the best. some days I want out. my narcissist is a different type, controlling but not physically. Emotional control, lack of attention, ignoring, only interested in his own needs. won’t even talk to me about the kids. he says it is my fault. it’s hard to live this way. I haven’t been with someone who hasn’t listened before, that’s why you get a boyfriend, someone that listens if you have something to say. so we’re together 13 years. working for him for 17 years, living together 8 years. I am in hell, but have no courage to start new. right now I know what he is for last 4 month and I first thought, I should leave before I will have no soul. where i live i don’t have a family, so i have no where to go, no job since i work for him still. it’s hard. on the other hand if i’m staying I get paid well, so I can save money, meanwhile the kids will grow and it will make more sense to leave. It’s hard to tell what I should do. Thanks.

  7. anna says:

    i leaved my Narcissistic Lover before 2 month. i still love him. but trying to control myself for my better future.

  8. sonia says:

    I have just discovered after 19 years how abusive my narcissistic husband has been. He has always been emotionally abusive (silent treatment whenever I told him something he didn’t want to hear) but recently became extremely verbally and physically abusive after he found out that he had cancer. It was stage 2 and he’s undergone emergency surgery and chemo but it was me who was to pay the ultimate price. He and his father (another narc) blamed me for his cancer (even though it was hereditary) and any recurrences that he may have. He held me hostage in our car and told me that he was going to kill us both by driving into a concrete barricade, which was no more than 500 feet in front of me. He accelerated and grabbed my arm and said that ” I wasn’t going anywhere”. I managed to wiggle out of his death grip and was standing on the floorboards of our SUV when he realized that he wouldn’t be able to go through with his murder/suicide. I was ready to jump from a vehicle going 60 mph and die than to die from his hand. He was so in control of his actions that he very calmly pulled the car off to the side of the road and let me out. Four months later I found evidence that he was cheating. I told him that I was going to call 911 and he then felt it was his duty to whack me in the face with a pillow and follow me into a bedroom. When I tried to l.eave the room he grabbed me and threw me into a wall and said “oh no, you’re not going anywhere.” Luckily, I had told me teenage sons that if they ever heard me screaming to come help me. Literally two minutes later, my son was banging at the door. My husband opened the door as if nothing had happened. I had to leave the state and my two sons to get away. Never in my life would I have imagined that things would get this bad. I wish that I had been informed because I would have left a long time ago. He’s a cop and has always told me that he would lie and that nobody would ever believe me. What a piece of crap.

    • sonia says:

      I incorrectly stated that I was going to call 911 after I found out that he was cheating. What actually happened was that when confronted my husband with the cheating allegations, he whacked me in the face as hard as he could with a pillow. It was then that I threatened to call 911. When he realized that I meant business, he then followed me into a bedroom and tried to keep me captive.
      Sorry for the confusion.

      • Dorene says:

        When you explain how you were accused of being the reason to your husbands cancer, you also state it was hereditary. It shows how deep these words seep into your mind. NO ONE COULD GIVE ANOTHER CANCER>

        • sonia says:

          Thanks for responding. The allegations that he has thrown at me are completely, totally, irrational. He even said that if he has a recurrence, it will be my fault! I am an intelligent woman and I have been to a therapist, read tons and tons of books on the subject of narcissism and yet his words still hurt me. He and his father said that it was the stress that I put on my husband that gave him cancer. OMG. I told him that if stress caused cancer, I’d be a walking tumor. These people are so horrible, insidious and vile, yet they expect you to be ok and nice to them the next day. It’s been a month and a half since I’ve left and I can’t believe how good I feel.

          • angelina says:

            I sooooo loved your statement “if stress caused cancer, I’d be a walking tumor.” It made me laugh and I really needed that…

  9. wendy says:

    my husband is a narcissist also.We have been together for almost 12 painful years.We are raising three kids and i stay at home and im trying to figure out a way to leave.
    He has no empathy or human compassion at all.He gives me the silent treatment for reasons that are “imagined”and treats me with hostility…he expects me to serve him and answer to his beckoning call.
    When I confront him with our problems he is never ever sorry and expects me to stay with him no matter how he treats me.He is verbally abusive and difficult.He thinks the world revolves around his needs.He never helps me out at home at all and expects me to do everything.
    I am full of grief for marrying this man.I pray for my life to be at peace everyday…I just dont see how one human being could be so selfish and self centered and evil.I feel for all of you ladies that commented.I feel like a human slave,that is tortured daily.I just want freedom.I told him I wanted a divorce and he says he will not sign the papers….I need to save money so i can get away but it is tough being dependent on him and we dont have much money.
    Still I will not give up hope that one day he will be gone….

  10. emma says:

    my husband of 12 years is a narcissist. it took a police officer to tell me. we had an argument and i was so angry because he talked to other women. yes i was wrong for saying it but i said F U in the middle of the argument. he pushed me and i hit my head on the wall. he wasnt even sorry, but told me that he will call the police on me so they can lock me up and he can get rid of me for a while.he really thought he didnt do anything wrong and called the police. as the police showed up they arrested him. the police officers told me that after so many years dealing with domestic violence it is easier to spot people like him . i was so suprised, because everyone thinks he is such an outgoing, nice, happy, wonderful person. and i am the negative one,because i struggle with anxiety and depression and don’t talk to to many people. he pulled everyone in his family on his side with his lies and i don’t talk about what is going on in our house, but at least the police didn’t fall for his lies.

  11. sonia says:

    I finally escaped from my narcissist police officer husband. I had to flee to my parents house at 4:00am. It’s has been difficult b/c I am 48 and have been living on my own for such a long time. I am basically starting from scratch, trying to pull my life together. Luckily my sons are in college now, so there are no child custody issues. My husband told me that I was only of value to him if I worked. I couldn’t do anything in our house without being micromanaged. I wasn’t allowed to work on art projects or anything that made me happy because “my art is stupid and no one likes it, etc.” He however was allowed to sit on the computer for hours on end playing games, most likely visiting sexual dating websites, but I was never allowed to question him or pry. He was also entitled to buy himself anything he wanted. Boats, a motorcycle, camping trailer, jacuzziI, to name a few. After all, it’s HIS MONEY. Never mind that I basically single handedly raised our kids, worked part time as a teacher because I felt worthless if I wasn’t contributing financially to our marriage, did all of the housework, cleaning, cooking, etc. yet “if only I could change this about me, things would then be perfect in our marriage. I went on antidepressants, I felt like I was losing it. Nothing was ever enough for him. Until one day I realized that he had never said “I’m sorry” to me. I was the only one that said it and apologized. He had conditioned me to take the blame for everything without question. After we were married, he never once bought me a gift for anything, ever. Nothing for my birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc. I’m done covering for him, he stands alone. He has no respect for me and I finally get it. EVERYTHING WAS MY FAULT AND WOULD ALWAYS BE MY FAULT. OUR MARRIAGE WAS ONLY ABOUT HIM. He even put his own selfish needs in front of our children and by the time they were teenagers they were finally able to figure him out. It’s so sad. I never did anything deceitful in our marriage. It’s only been a month that I’ve been away from his pessimistic, controlling, psychotic behavior but it’s amazing how much of my depression, anxiety and hopelessness has slowly begun to fade. These narcissistic men literally suck the life out of you and will never, ever admit they did anything wrong.

  12. anthony rojas says:

    I understand this is about woman and their husbands who are narcissits but I thought seeing things from a different point of view might be good, I am 18 years old and I admit I am a narcissist.. I found this out recently when In my relationship with my gf, we were constantly arguing and I would see myself always right no matter what, or I’d make it seem like its her fault.. Along with many other symptoms,… Like not apprectiating everything she does for me, me being controlling and munipulative, etc… I was studying personality disorders when I came to realize how much it felt like it was describing me(not only narcissism but along with other personality disoders ,so I tried to see where I got it from, like how I got to be like that , and by looking at. My past I’ve come to the conclusion that I developed this from my mother, who is the definition of narcissism but anyways, I don’t want to be like this, I’ve tried to change myself and do things differently but I just can’t seem to get myself straight .. I do plan on being a husband one day, but not like the ones you are all describing here, any advice? Please contact me at my email, thanks 🙂

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    Just the fact you acknowledge your problem is refreshing and a healing good start. Turn to Jesus Christ as your Lord, receive Him into your Heart and he will change you from inside out. Read the Word of God. He is our healer. let His love flow through you and you will be made whole and have peace and love in your life. Thank you for writing. I will pray for your healing and bountiful life in Christ. You are on your way to wholeness just by your seeing.. Again, Turn to Jesus our Lord, who created you and gave you life. He is faithful to heal and keep you and lead you into fulness of life. Bless you

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    I need some answers although some of my assumptions seemingly point to having a narcissist husband I just want to make sure. In our marriage my husband put his time out as more important than anything. He believes that it is the mans job to earn the money and to provide which I can respect however he believes he then has first call to any time out, social time, spending money how I spend my days or whether I am allowed to work partime etc. Alarm bells started to ring when I hadn’t gone out in almost three years without the kids in tow (or a drunken husband) and I asked if he could be home around 7 onwards so I could go to a Tupperware party. He refused. He couldn’t believe I would make him do my job while I went out. From then on I noticed anything I wanted to do randomly like play the guitar or start a flexible part time job with DECS (a huge opportunity for me) he quickly put the foot down and gave me ultimatums … Even trying to play some music he would suggest I am not doing my job as a mother. My kids are healthy happy well adjusted children with impeccable manners. They wear clean clothes and pajamas every day and even their childcare centre tell me what beautiful natured and loving kids I have. Am I living with a narc?

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