Sexual Prowess Definition

To find a sexual prowess definition, you would have to look through a variety of different sources as no two definitions would be the same. For example, the Urban Dictionary defines sexual prowess as “being damn good at what you do and able to do it for a long time”, but put in less crude terms, sexual prowess is defined as skill or stamina with regard to sex.

But what does sexual prowess really mean?

People who place great emphasis on sexual prowess are often narcissistic personality types who regularly exaggerate tales of sexual performance to garner admiration and adulation from their circle of friends. For example, we all know the guy who relates the story in the pub of how he ended up in bed with three women, all of whom were so grateful for his time that they haven’t stopped calling him for weeks since.

Stories of exaggerated sexual prowess are very common. You only have to stand in a bar in a Friday night and listen to any group of young men waxing lyrical about how they pulled the hottest girl in the club and lasted for so long she begged for mercy (it was probably more likely that she was drunk and they lasted all of five seconds).

Many men believe that sexual prowess is fundamental to their masculinity. They (wrongly) think that the length of time a man is able to perform the act of intercourse is an accurate measure of a man’s masculinity. Of course this is utter nonsense and most women would agree that endless hours of a man grinding away on top of them is nor only boring, but probably painful, too.

Is there a different sexual prowess definition?

Interestingly, another definition of sexual prowess I came across refers to “any machine that is used for sexual pleasure”.

Ever since the vibrator was invented as a cure for female “hysteria”, machines for sexual pleasure have been very popular with the fairer sex, although it would be fair to say that in many cases men can derive lots of pleasure from them, too.

There is a wide range of machines used for sexual pleasure. Top of the list in terms of popularity is probably the vibrator and as American bioethicist and medical historian, Jacob M. Appel wrote, “I cannot say whether more Alabama women own vibrators than own Bibles. If I were guessing, I would suspect that a majority derive more use out of the vibrators. Certainly more pleasure.”

So if we are defining sexual prowess as a machine used for sexual pleasure, vibrators such as the Rampant Rabbit most definitely fulfil the criteria already discussed: namely being able to last for a long time. After all, a Rampant Rabbit will last as long as its batteries, which is far longer than most men; it is also less likely to leave you high and dry and lying in the wet patch.

In fact, the list of benefits of owning a vibrator is endless, which is probably why vibrators have become a part of mainstream culture in the twenty years.

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